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Experience in Spain?

We have Fabulous & Unique Locations with to Fly Drones, Do a Video Production Course or to Shoot Models in the Beautiful Andalusian Sunshine.

we have the experience to

give you the very best experience too!

Experiences are what life is about, fill your life with experiences and you'll lead a full life, we at Photofinca will fulfill our promises and create an unforgettable experience and enhance your life, arn't you worth the investement.

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PhotoFinca Photographic Experiences on PP:

For me it wasn't just about shooting models in stunning locations. I went for the entire experience of being with a group of like minded people, seeing how others work, socialising, having fun, eating out, relaxing and being reinvigorated in a beautiful warm environment.

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PhotoFinca Photographic Experiences on PP:

The groups shoots offer loads more than just shooting , as its always interesting to me watching and learning off others, seeing what works and getting tips on editing in the evenings. The 1-2-1's basically offer an unbeatable experience , with Steves local knowledge , tailoring locations and timings for sunsets and sunrises in this awesome part of the world.

I'd recommend it to anyone, its such good value of money.

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Whether it is Photographing Models for Fun, Drone Flying for Excitment, PfCO Courses for Business or

Video Production Tutorials for Business they're all here to select from.

New Fittness Experiences coming soon.

our story

PhotoFinca has been organising and running All types of Specialist Photographic Experiences since 2013.

Photographers ask me “why do you use the same Villa and locations every year” my answer is very simple, why change what has taken me years to research and refine.

Yes, The Villa is the same is being continuously modernised by the current owners, Our locations are similar and added too on each visit but the models change every visit and that makes a huge amount of difference.

All of my locations have been personally chosen for their light, features, ease of access from more senior photographers and, of course, variety, you won't get a bland sandy beaches anywhere in sight.

So, a wide range of locations is very important for a group of individuals not only to accommodate their desires but to push their boundaries, after all that's why you booked this experience, isn't it?

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