My Story............

so far

So my back story starts when I was quite young I was in the RAF and was an engineer so my background in engineering was chosen because I'm a practical person, spiritual people say are grounded person.

When I left the RAF after 11 years, I create a commercial video production business and it's took me all over the world, the business had incredibly good sales and marketing director, who could sell anything to anybody and as I wasn't "pushy" type It certainly wasn't going to be in sales, it wasn't my thing, I have a creative "gift" and I was into video production and this gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world.

One of the first places that I went with my company was Spain and I was producing promotional tourism videos for major tour operators and got to see a lot of places in northern Spain and this was interesting but didn't actually think I would ever live there.

Over the next few years I had two more relationships both of which broke down I believe or I believed at the time to be because of me working too hard with the mistake and thought that I was doing it for us to create more money for a better life for us but in the end all my Partners wanted was to have me as myself rather than the wealth and the success that went with it after my last relationship broke up in England I vowed never to get back into another relationship but as you know sometimes you can't control these things when it happens it happens I'm not a thing So move on a few years back 10 years I'm living by myself in England plodding through every day hating my job well I've several jobs I work for a medical company doing their IT work I work for myself doing editing for other people I also run a photographic holiday company around this to Spain but now were talking southern Spain and Olivia that's far south as you can get in Europe and I decided this would be a good idea this is.

In 2013 around the first holiday to Spain it involves several photographers and me organising and supplying models and locations to shoot some pretty beautiful images We did this all based from a villa that we managed to find me on one of my friends which has nine bedrooms all ensuite which is exactly what people want nowadays ensuite facilities like them in the hotel I guess with all of facilities beautiful grounds swimming pool there is included Lost and then took people out every day photographer out every day to different locations sometimes in the mountains sometimes by the lake but always beautiful so I guess my ability to create things came to the fore and my willingness to give rather than receive There is also much in evidence by the fact that I would be up at 6:30 every morning making breakfast catering for my customers every needs and worrying totally about them and not me not my health not my financial position nothing all that mattered was that everybody had a good time and they did.

And 2018 me and another colleague arrived a day early to set up his holiday by this time I'm assisting or facilitating drone holidays completely new I don't think anybody else does it anywhere in the world but again half a dozen new drone Would come here and I will take them to similar locations some of them were the same as ideas with the models but these guys we need a lot of space and generally something interesting to fly on "

Myself and this particular colleague arrived a day early to set up the bar the arrival Science the next day we had an evening to ourselves and decided to go to a local restaurant in the mountains where we've never been before so this is where the fight or the universe started to intervene I was my first looking back and it was my first realisation that things like this can actually happen we were sat outside on the table nice evening There and were we had our dinner and we finished our drinks when some more people arrived and the form of a couple and one solo, they were in fact some Germans who lived down through the village where I live and they all lived within a few hundred yards of each other, in what had become, a bit of a German community I guess.

My colleague insisted on talking and days at the time strangers and as they were very chatty actually invited us for a drink with him I was pretty stressed tired and just wanted to go back to the Villa and get some sleep as we had a relatively early start in the morning to go to the airport to pick up our clients he been a very sociable character insisted on having one drink so we stayed I want to please said okay we had a drink and we left so I thought.

Over the next few days it became apparent that he'd actually got the contact details of a single woman who was with us with them and was taking time out from our organised holiday with his clients to go and meet her and Get to know her better.

So, for whatever reason, I actually know the reason but can't share it on this website. The relationship didn't work out, it was over in a matter of three meetings.